Price Overview

Group Fitness Classes

Price/ Person/ 60 minutes

Group class with a maximum of 10 participants

Try Out Training: 10€

10 Sessions Training: 140€

Drop In: 15€


Personal Training & Pilates Private Coaching

Prices/ Person/ 60 minutes

Single Training Session

Personal Training: 60€

Duo Personal Training (2ppl): 35€

Trio Personal Training (3ppl): 25€

Try Out Personal Training 4 Sessions Abo: 180€

10 Sessions Abo:

Personal Training: 550€

Duo Personal Training (2ppl): 320€

Trio Personal Training (3ppl): 230€


SUP Pilates

Price/ Person/75 minutes (board and entrance included)

Per Session: 23€


Corporate Fitness

Price depending on individual request.

Please send your request to receive a quote.