Price Overview

Group Fitness Classes

Price/ Person/ 60 minutes

Group class with a maximum of 10 participants

Try Out Training: 10€

10 Sessions Training: 140€

Drop In: 16€


Personal Training & Pilates Private Coaching

Prices/ Person/ 60 minutes

It is possible to train in the following setting:

  • Personal Training (1 p)

  • Duo Personal Training (2 ppl)

  • Trio Personal Training (3 ppl)


10 Session Abo (valid for 3 month)

4 Session Try Out ABO (valid for 2 month – one time only)

For prices, please get in contact!



All services will be billed privately!
Some private insurances may do partial refunds on sports therapy. Please be sure to contact your insurance for more information prior to training start.

Some companies may support their employees through work place health promotion.

“SVA Gesundheitshunderter” is available for self-employed people!



SUP Pilates

Price/ Person/75 minutes (board and entrance included)

For prices, please get in contact!


Corporate Fitness

Price depending on individual request.

Please send your request to receive a quote.


Cancelation Policy

Please cancel appointments at least 24 hrs prior to starting time. Late cancelation will be fully charged.