Personal Training

Personal Training und Pilates Private Coaching

Are you ready for change?

INbalance Training offers Personal Training and Pilates Private Coaching in Innsbruck.

No matter if your goals are sports related, preventative precautions or rehabilitative,  Personal Training and Pilates Private Coaching focuses on you, your individual needs and goals. As a trainer I will push your limits further then you could do on your own and support you with efficient training methods and a variety of training programs. My goal is to optimize your fitness and health level. This could mean improving your movement patterns, core stability and muscle strength, reduce weight, tone your muscles, increase mobility, flexibility, balance and speed agility.

Personal Training/ Pilates Private Coaching Duo (2ppl) and Trio (3ppl)

Train with your friends or partner in a private but cost-efficient training setting with only two or three people per session. If you are looking for training partners in this kind of setting send me a request and I can find a suitable placement for you.

Personal Training/ Pilates Private Coaching offers you flexible appointments with your individual goal setting.

If requested we can train in a private fitness facility in the city center of Innsbruck, outdoors or at your home.